Our employees are the key to our success.

So we provide them with the tools and resources they need to be successful!



Today, we employ 2,000+ staff in our call centre operations. Among our teams, we have people from many different nationalities servicing customers in over 140+ countries in their native languages.

We do things differently:

  • group1Our team leaders do the hiring (and firing).
    Our front line managers make all the hiring and firing decisions. The manager who knows the job, from doing the job, is the best person to know who will be good at that particular job.
  • group2We are good at spotting talent and harnessing potential.
    In our world, recruitment is a science and an art. Sometimes, some of our best performing people come from the least obvious of places.
  • group3All our staff members participate in ongoing training programmes.
    We have structured industry-specific career development programmes such as banking, pension and insurance industry certification and qualification.
  • group4We do scale and we do flexibility.
    Sometimes, our clients need to move fast. And we can move fast with them. We know about seasonal peaks and campaign spikes. We work through these different resource demands with our clients as they arise.

We have exceptionally talented people in our call centre operations and we build every team around them.

If you visit one of our centers, we would be happy to introduce you to some of them.