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BPO Technology Companies

Our multilingual teams can work with you across Europe and other regions of the World.

We help you overcome linguistic and cultural barriers to access national markets large and small.

We have provided BPO services for Technology clients including software, hardware, networking, digital and cloud based firms.

Why Work With Interaction Europe?

Interaction provides BPO services for all sizes of tech firms, from start-ups to global corporations who need to:

  • reach new national markets
  • grow their existing customer base
  • launch new products
  • deliver customer service solutions
  • provide product support and mush else

Interaction's Technology project experience covers software, hardware and services, for example, supporting CRM, ERP, payroll, security services and anti-virus products.

Our BPO technology services include:

Lead generation and qualification telemarketing

Interaction’s Lead Generation approach includes customer profiling, identification of buying cycles and procurement process as well as targeted emailing.


Inbound, outbound and web based programmes for product sales, new product introductions and upgrade programmes.


For a Technology company tasks such as post-sales support and ongoing technical support are vital.

Interaction's technical support agents can operate your ticketing systems to provide end user support using telephony, email, webchat and remote support options.

License programmes

We manage renewal programmes, administer new licenses, price management, reconciliation and forecasting, and coordination with fulfilment.

Reseller sales support programmes

We have developed intelligent solutions to grow and nurture channel partners (resellers and distributors).


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