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BPO Provider for Public Services

We can work with Organisations across the public services in Ireland and elsewhere.

We can help deliver public services when budgets are tight and targets still need to be met.

Our Customer Service, Support and Back Office teams are ready to assist across the public sector, including Healthcare, Education, Environment, Regulators, Revenue, Welfare and much else.

Why Work With Interaction Europe?

  • We understand how to deliver innovative and economical services aligned to the specific requirements of your public service
  • We partner and effectively engage with all stakeholders
  • We take our role of representing your organisation and ethos very seriously, and we invest in making sure our people understand and espouse your culture and values
  • We assemble service teams to achieve your strategic aims and of which you can be very proud
  • We ensure your services are clearly understood and properly implemented
  • Your project is delivered on time and on budget
  • We are a lean organisation, careful to get the best value for money on your behalf

Our BPO services for the Public Sector include:

Cost efficiency services

We help to lower the costs of your customer engagement by effectively leveraging channels such as email, self-service IVR and web. Interaction has experience in the delivery of payment reconciliation and payment tracking services.

Fraud detection & prevention programmes

The Interaction team has successfully worked with clients to minimise the risk of loss due to inappropriate payments and also to identify and mitigate fraudulent activity within a customer base. Additionally, these programmes help to minimise data security breaches.

Document screening & Document management

Interaction has a wealth of experience in managing and processing legal documentation related to regulated organisations. Accuracy check of data from various sources, allows organisations to concentrate their staff on the content of the final documents, increasing the productivity related to cost risk functions. Interactions services also include digitisation of paper records.

Helpdesk & customer services

From our experience in operating helpdesks and customer service programmes we can help you provide a fast-paced response to both internal and external queries. We have expertise in managing nationwide campaigns via multiple channels.


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