Our sweet spot capability is results-driven performance in a digitalised world

results-driven performance in a digitalised world learn more

We provide a wide range of BPO services at the
intersection between you and your
customer, that “sweet spot” of interaction*
where expectations are high and
communication is critical.


Culturally aligned engagement with the right customers


Building customer trust through direct channels


When you need to launch new products or access new markets - Now!


Taking ownership of problems and persisting until they are fixed


Insurance sales, service & claims as a fully bundled TPA service


A range of BPO services specifically designed for the public sector

By striking the right note and delivering an exceptional service, we will treat your customers as our own, with passion and care in equal measure, fine-tuning that “sweet spot” so that it resonates with perfection.

We provide BPO services to a wide range of industries, from banking and insurance to pharmaceuticals and technology.

While all our clients require sector specific expertise, in many cases, our core capabilities are shared across all industries, and include:

  • Lean process design
  • High calibre staff
  • Strong focus on CRM and IVR functionality
  • High performance culture
  • Quality standards consistent with regulated industries
  • Professional risk management and governance
  • Focus on the value of outputs

To find out how interaction* BPO services can help you, choose your sector below:

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