Our Operating Values




Focus on outcomes. Activity is not enough - we commit to delivering timely and positive outcomes for our clients and their customers




Change is normal. When our client’s needs change, we adapt and respond quickly and don’t exploit this for gain.




Trust is earned. Success is easier when we earn your trust and you know that we will always do the right thing for you and your customer.




Training and Knowledge. Our people have the necessary experience, qualifications and authority to make the decisions and serve your customers




Deep knowledge of National, Industry and EU Regulations. We know the rules and help our clients leverage them to their advantage

About Interaction Europe | BPO Service Provider

Interaction Europe is a BPO service provider based in Dublin with over 20 years' experience of providing multilingual contact centre services.

We specialise in Sales, Service, Support and Back Office administration for our clients operations across Europe and the World.

Our clients are in Banking, Insurance, Technology, Industry and the Public Service. We cover the whole outsourcing spectrum from simple operations to complex business processes.

There are many reasons to choose us:


Over 20 years in the BPO service industry has given us the intelligence we need to undertake any project.

We are a BPO service provider focused on tailored solutions for banking, insurance, technology, industry and public services.

We have a depth of experience in multilingual service delivery.


We have a core competency in regulated, complex industries where compliance is paramount. For example, our banking services are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Our project management approach takes your programme from concept through to optimised delivery.

Strategic Partnership Approach

We deliver more than just activity, we focus on outcomes and we deploy our strategic business acumen to ensure you achieve results.

Scalability & Flexibility

We have a unique scale capability to deliver small, medium and large BPO operations. Because our clients operate in dynamic and competitive environments our infrastructure and management has to be very versatile.

We work with startups through to multinationals, and we adapt and respond as your business requires.


Headquartered in Dublin, the largest English speaking city in the euro zone, we are a competitive base to sell and service your customers across Europe and the World.


We have the latest generation of technology for telephone, web and other media, which allows for full integration with CRM and back office systems.

We also work with your own systems and we deploy industry standards in data security.

Financial Strength

Interaction is wholly owned by the publicly listed group Cpl Resources Plc.


Interaction and Cpl Resources Plc

Interaction is the trading name of Occipital Ltd based in Dublin, Ireland, and is owned by Cpl Resources Plc a highly successful strategic resource and recruitment solutions service provider, which:

  • Employs over 12,000 people in 9 EU countries
  • Invests in people businesses (Outsourcing, Staffing, Training)
  • Has extensive recruitment network across Europe to support Cpl's outsourcing business.
  • Quoted on Dublin & London stock exchanges
  • plc grade rigour for risk, compliance and governance

Interaction Europe works with Cpl Resources Plc for the staffing of major projects.


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