We focus on positive outcomes the ‘sweetspot’ of customer interaction*

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Interaction has provided tailored solutions for sales, lead generation, customer service, claims management and back office administration for over 20 years. We cover the whole outsourcing spectrum from simple operations to complex business processes.

The sweet spot, as we call it, is that crucial point of interaction where the right connection can make all the difference. Where commitments are made and promises delivered. Where awesomeness is inspired and the magic happens.

There are many reasons to choose us

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Over 20 years in the BPO service industry has given us the intelligence we need to undertake any project.

As a BPO service outsourcer business, we provide tailored solutions for sales, lead generation, customer service, claims management and back office administration. We cover the whole outsourcing spectrum, from simple operations to business processes and business management.


We are commercially sound with lots of strategic business acumen.

We are also highly motivated and results focused. Our first love is in the multilingual space, particularly financial services and technology. Our core competencies are in regulated, complex industries such as banking and insurance through to pharmaceuticals, where compliance is paramount.



We have a unique scale capability to deliver small, medium and large BPO service operations.

Our smallest client has 2 fulltime employees, our largest has 1,000 plus. Our clients operate in very dynamic, competitive environments. For this reason, our infrastructure and management are very versatile. We can scale up or scale down depending on the client’s needs.


Our BPO service resources can be located and subsequently relocated to suit our clients’ needs.

Headquartered in Ireland, the only English speaking country in the Eurozone, we are a competitive base to sell and service your customers across Europe and the World.


We focus on measurable outcomes, where outcomes are more important than activity.

We exercise human judgement and avoid scripted activities. We specialise in regulated activities such as banking, insurance and pharmaceuticals. We also have native speakers in all European languages, extensive customer and market knowledge, as well as cultural empathy


We have the latest generation of technology for telephone, web and other media

This allows for full integration with CRM and back office systems, which means you’re up to date with the latest trends in technology. We also have a Group Development Team that can build solutions and platforms for clients.



While we exist in a sea of grey, we operate with full commercial transparency.

We provide our clients with open book access to our internal pricing models. It is a clear expression of our determination to work in a flexible, mutually profitable and innovative partnership.


Financial Strength

Interaction is wholly owned by Cpl Resources Plc.

The group has a very clear business growth strategy with very strong financial resources. The financial strength of our group underwrites our ability to be long term business partners. The group has zero debt, over  €25 million in cash reserves and over  €300 million in turnover.