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Why manage Back Office with Interaction?

Back Office operations are the unglamorous backbone of an enterprise, however, they should be delivered to the same standard as the core activities of your business.

We have seen a consistent increase in demand for outsourced management of Back Office functions, in order to enable businesses to focus on core activities.

In the past 20 years Interaction has partnered with major players from a wide variety of sectors, offering a personalised approach and a range of benefits:

  • Focus on core operations
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • focuses on outcomes and compliance
  • Access to a range of professional expertise
  • Staff acquisition and retention
  • State of the art technology and infrastructure
  • Bulletproof cyber security
  • Lowered costs

At Interaction we can help you deal with Back Office tasks in an efficient and reliable manner, allocating a dedicated team of professionals supported by a robust infrastructure combined with our robust security measures.

Your organization can focus your own staff on the core business activities which directly impact on financial results.

Examples of Back Office services Interaction can provide:

Document Management and Screening

Insurance client: we provide accuracy checks on data from various sources, allowing our client to concentrate own staff on the content of the final documents, increasing their productivity.

Insurance Complaints and Claims Administration (FNOL)

Insurance client: we deal with customer claims from first call through to claims resolution. Our professionals manage and deliver the full Back Office claims and complaints resolution process.

Translingual Data Entry

Banking client: we do data entry and translingual data entry which requires multilingual experts that understand the content and forward them to the relevant departments.

Order Processing and Order Management

Pharmaceutical client we check all orders received via multiple channels, we monitor the invoicing process, provide statistics on open orders, process changes to customer accounts and validate new orders.

Order to Cash

Technology client: we manage every part of the order lifecycle from taking the order, monitoring order fulfilment through to the financial order processing steps of invoicing, payment and arrears collection.

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