Telemarketing Strategies | 7 Tips for successful development

  It's been a while since I wrote about telemarketing strategies. It's such a bread and butter activity for us, it's easy to forget it's value to our existing and future clients. Bearing in mind the bad rap telemarketing strategies have in public ...

Telemarketing Strategies | 7 Things NOT TO DO

  Why do so few organisations implement effective telemarketing strategies?  This question has been around for what seems like decades.  Unlocking the answer, however, is now a pressing global business issue.  It’s pressing because the global ...

Telemarketing Strategies | Intelligent program design

  When developing telemarketing strategies successful sales people do not usually expect to find valuable insights in books on accounting theory, but the work of Prof. Robert Kaplan is an exception.  Through the application of Activity Based Costing ...

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