Call center services | Top 30 metrics for success

  For many, the year end is approaching and it’s time to set the 2013 priorities for your call center services.  We have created the following call center services health checklist which will help you to set the right priorities for the next 12 ...

BPO Insights | Top YouTube Digital Marketing Moments 2011

  This is our last blog for 2011.  In time honoured tradition we are ending the year with a YouTube review.  We asked around the office and this is the list we came up with.  Whilst not all of these videos are originally 2011 moments, we felt that ...

Call Center Services | BPO Planning Health Check

  Our December blogs have a theme of review and prediction.  Over the last quarter the majority of client conversations have focused on what are the key priorities for 2012. We have produced the following call center services planning health check ...

Multilingual BPO | A guide to call center management standards

  Management science for in-house call centers and multilingual BPO providers has rapidly developed and significantly advanced over the last decade.  The people behind this advancement have been a mixture of call center practitioners, multilingual ...

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