Multilingual BPO | Changing rationale for call centre outsourcing

  I was amused this week when I flicked through a recently published ‘white paper’ on the rationale for call centre outsourcing.  It only amused me because I recognised the slide from over 20 years ago.  It made me think about how much our industry ...

Call Centre Outsourcing | 5 Tips for successful contracting

  A consistent trend over the past year has been the growing demand for call centre outsourcing to Ireland.  Very clearly we are witnessing new growth in international companies outsourcing to Ireland.  Our expectation is that call centre ...

Call Centre Outsourcing | 10 key tips for planning and delivery

  The call centre outsourcing industry is about 20 years old.  The current recession has handicapped the evolution of the sector and in some quarters standards and service level performance have suffered as a result of the drive for cost ...

Salary Cost Dynamics| Call Centre Outsourcing in Europe

The cost dynamics in Europe can be significantly different than in North America and Asia, and it is important to understand these issues when selecting a call centre outsourcing provider.  Finding a call centre outsourcing provider that ...

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