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Posted by Federigo Minelli

Harrods competes on Customer Experience

In the past couple of years every sector in the business spectrum has been discussing, analysing and promoting what is simply called Customer Experience aka CX.

The web has been literally inundated by newly born - and mainly self-proclaimed – CX gurus willing to share the path to enlightenment and to give us the ultimate recipe for success. Surely we don’t want to increase the already vast literature available online and conveniently available for few dollars or euros?  Nonetheless there’s no harm in taking the time to take a look at Customer Experience from the first-hand perspective of a daily practitioner.  Especially, if there are few hours available before our next connecting flight!

In a Bain & Company research which asked organizations to rate their quality of customer experience, 80% believed they were delivering a superior customer experience. This is compared to only 8% of their customers who believed they were receiving a great customer experience!

One reason behind this is the common misunderstanding which inaccurately confuses Customer Service with Customer Experience.  Customer Service is an important touchpoint, but not the only touchpoint, in the overall Customer Experience.

While you may provide a terrific Customer Service, and the feedback tells you this, the customer may rate their overall experience of your company as poor.  This is perhaps because you have no consideration or plans for the experience your brand delivers to your customers throughout their customer journey.

At this stage the main words to start understanding Customer Experience have emerged and the first step is not necessarily to look at what other people are doing to solve this modern day Gordian knot but to start embracing the fact that Customer Experience is the future.

The question you need to ask to yourself is not how can I improve the service I provide but most importantly what can I do to change the service I provide and deliver something that my customers don’t even know they need yet.

It’s time for you to start developing a completely new way to look at your customers, a revolutionary mentality that places your customers at the centre of the universe of your business, surrounded by orbiting ingenuity, creativity, audacity, empathy and speed.

The customers of the future will be more willing to affiliate themselves to companies that provides an innovative Customer Experience fast and effortlessly, rewarding with their loyalty those who will be capable of offering new answers to questions that they haven’t even asked yet.

Personally, I believe that the only way to start such ambitious path is to look internally first and change the way we see and deal with our most important asset, our own employees. The transformation necessary to develop a solid Customer Experience capability and the related planning can’t be achieved if it remains a concept confined in the senior executives’ offices or in the project room.

It must be embraced by every single member of your organization, with senior management providing the spark to ignite the engine that will drive your company many years. It’s up to you to build your own path to Customer Experience but like many other things in life and in business, the more the merrier!

Key Takeaway

Involve your staff and bpo partners in developing and delivering worldclass Customer Experience.



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