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Ireland, although a small country, enjoys a lot of attention from international companies, for example, Google, LinkedIn, DropBox, Facebook, to name a few. It’s a hotspot for any international corporation looking to expand into the multilingual European market, or European companies expanding into other European markets or the English speaking markets of the US and UK.

Now, why is that? It seems a little bit odd, doesn’t it? Internationally, Ireland is typically known for its cultural heritage and farming economy. However, nowadays it’s a business powerhouse. So, allow me to break it down by giving you 5 benefits of call center outsourcing to Ireland.

1. Location, Location, Location

The most obvious reason, (and one easy to overlook) is the advantageous location of Ireland. It sits physically between America and Europe. For North American companies, this allows access to European markets and vice-versa for mainland European companies.

Apart from the all-too-common grey clouds and rainy days, Ireland receives no harmful weather. It’s political climate is neutral too.

And don’t worry about missing out on any of the business necessities. Dublin has one of the busiest airports in Europe. The country has numerous competitive, high speed internet distributors that will offer great business deals. Its capital is a sparkling cosmopolitan city that runs 24/7.

2. The Social Culture

Now for a positive stereotype. I say this without bias as I am not native to the country: Irish people are a remarkably friendly, easy going people. Over my years of life here, I have become quite jealous with just how good Irish workers are at hospitality. Perhaps it’s part of their upbringing or maybe their culture. Whatever it is, the point is that Irish workers excel at putting customers at ease. They take the time to create a warm environment and open up dialogue.

And with money at stake, you wouldn’t want your stakeholders and customers in any sort of stress, would you? This makes Ireland an ideal place for call center outsourcing where excellent customer care is paramount.

3. Mixed with more People

After my last point, you may be thinking “That’s all well and good, but for call center outsourcing to succeed with multilingual people it needs a diverse staff”. And you are right!

Luckily, Ireland does not contain only Irish people but is a mixing pot of many cultures. You would not be hard-pressed to find bilingual people for almost any language to fill your roster. Many come to Ireland for education, some for the culture and quality of life. But they stay here and work, evidenced by the fact that just over half of the non-nationals in Ireland are aged between 25 and 42.

4. Corporate Tax

Okay, this one isn’t a well-guarded secret. Nonetheless it is a huge incentive for any company. Corporation tax at a sweet 12.5%, means many international companies have established their European subsidiaries in Ireland. This policy has been under some scrutiny from other European countries (with double the CT) so who knows how long it will stay quite this low. So maybe don’t take too long to think about this.

5. Higher Value Services

If you’ve just been skimming the article for something to really sell you, then stop here and start paying attention. This last reason is speculative but may have the greatest ramifications for the future.

The nature of outsourcing has long been focused in areas of ‘high admin, low value’ activities such as collections, payroll, invoicing. This market is well established and quite mature. The transitions for the customers are almost seamless, and they may barely notice their operator had changed.

What is speculated to be the next potential growth sector for call center outsourcing is Higher Value Services. These are ‘strategic’, ‘higher value’, complex business functions, for example, human resources, legal services, planning etc. In the near future companies will need to consider whether having these ‘non-core’ functions inhouse is a prohibitive cost. Many will most likely choose to look at outsourcing, with one exceptional requirement: highly educated staff.

Ireland, with its high number of (internationally recognised) university graduates is a great country for you to pick the best!

Key Takeaways
  • Great location

  • Great culture

  • Magnet for skilled staff from across Europe and beyond

  • Low corporation tax

  • Educated workforce ideal for higher value services

I hope this article has given you some insight on how Ireland achieves its international reputation with multinationals.

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