Multilingual Call Center Outsourcing | 5 Important Evaluation Tips

Posted by John Drury
multilingual call center outsourcing
Call center outsourcing for your own home market offers many benefits to client companies and organisations. Multilingual call center outsourcing adds significant complexity as a number of national markets and languages have to be factored in. This is my summary list of important factors in call center outsourcing, and multilingual outsourcing in particular. These 5 evaluation tips are by no means comprehensive but give a useful starting point in preparing a multilingual call center outsourcing project:


  1. It is often asserted outsourcing puts your multilingual call center operation under the control of specialist management, i.e. this is their core competency and therefore they are able to manage this better than you. So, when evaluating potential outsource partners, it makes sense to interview the management you will be working with: do they have a successful track record in multilingual call center operation?
  2. A multilingual call center outsourcing partner should deliver a high quality service. So, when evaluating potential partners look at the quality systems they use to continually monitor performance. Do they have the procedures to feed what they learn into their ongoing training and coaching?
  3. Cost reduction is usually the number one reason for initiating a multilingual call center outsourcing project. Of course, setting-up a multilingual call center from scratch, perhaps as part of a European market entry strategy involves investment in:

    - infra-structure: buildings, equipment, phone-lines etc

    - technology: voice, e-mail, web handling, CRM etc

    - recruitment & training: across multiple languages...on an ongoing basis, as small call center have difficulty in retaining staff because of limited career progression

    When you add up the high upfront capital costs and risks of setting-up the above, and compare it to the pure variable cost of outsourcing, its usually a no-brainer. Of course, it's not just about the's about the best value for money.
  4. Speed to Market. This is a very important factor for the most international companies, especially in the fast moving world that we live in. A good multilingual call center outsourcing partner should be able to train staff and turn on your service within a matter of weeks. So in your evaluation process you need to establish whether they have the resources and processes to do this.
  5. Flexibility. It follows from (4) that your multilingual call center outsourcing partner should be able to provide you with a very flexible service which can handle seasonal peaks in demand, e.g. as a result of a marketing campaign etc. The better the quality of the Call Agents they employ, the better those Agents are able to absorb training across multiple products (often from different clients), so they can be immediately 'turned-on' at short notice to handle your unexpected peaks. So evaluation of Call Agent quality and the ongoing product training the outsource company deploys is important. For example, how many agents are trained on your products for the ongoing contract, and how many additional will be trained as back up?

The above are only just some of the Evaluation criteria you will need to consider when outsourcing your multilingual call center needs. Thinking of multilingual call center outsourcing for your business? Then contact us to see how we can help with your project.


Authored by John Drury, Sales Director at Interaction Europe.

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