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This blog is aimed at informing and educating blog readers and potential clients, so this week I am going to discuss insurance telemarketing strategies. Just selecting an apparently narrow topic such as insurance telemarketing strategies, we generate a whole list of sub-topics that we can discuss. Firstly lets outline the telemarketing strategies process steps as follows:

  1. What are the buyer persona's? How do we define them?

  2. How do we generate a contact list of these persona's?

  3. What contact management / CRM system do we use to manage the process?

  4. Are we pursuing Outbound or Inbound telemarketing strategies? If Inbound, what lead generation techniques are being used to generate the enquiry?

  5. How do we handle the sales call?

  6. How do we propose and close the business?

  7. How do we close the loop, and measure how effective our telemarketing strategies are?

In truth, we could write a blog article, whitepaper or eBook on any of the above and much else, when you consider the sophistication of the techniques and technologies available to fulfill telemarketing strategies for the insurance industry or any other sector.


So lets focus on one item in the list above: how do we handle the sales call? Of course an inbound call is different from an outbound call. Let us talk in general terms, and illustrate using three very different sales techniques:


  1. Straight Selling

 In this case, the agent explains upfront that he is calling to sell a product to those who need it. There is no attempt at manipulation, and it is hoped trust is established. Of course, some prospects, who could benefit, may withdraw early from the call, so it's a good idea to ask some qualifying questions early on, e.g. for car insurance:

  • Do you own a car?

  • Are you happy with your current car insurance premium?

  • Would you like me to run a quote?

This approach is time efficient for all parties.


  1. Objection Selling

This is a technique based on dealing positively with objections the potential customer might raise. Each objection is an opportunity to highlight the merits of your offering, make it relevant to your client's needs, share more information about your offering etc. By listening carefully to each objection, repeating it back to the client and then answering it in full, the agent moves towards the sale. Of course, the agent has to be thoroughly familiar with the product offering to do this successfully.


  1. Spin Selling

In this technique the agent:

a) asks questions that identifies/highlights a problem

b) discusses with the client the negative consequences if the problem is not dealt with

c) offers a solution to the problem

For example, life insurance sales conversations can follow this pattern.


In reality, a mix of these (and other) techniques may be used when developing the sale scall aspect of your telemarketing strategies for the insurance or any other sector. 


Thinking of developing telemarketing strategies for your business? Then contact us to see how we can help with your project.


Authored by John Drury, Sales Director at Interaction Europe.


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