The crucial point of customer interaction*


We find your sweet spot

We work at the intersection between you and your customer, that crucial point of interaction* where expectations are high and communication is critical. We like to think of it as the sweet spot because if you make the right connection, the results can be hugely positive and very rewarding. It’s the unique overlapping point at which your commercial objectives and customer’s objectives coincide, and where we can add value. To work in that sweet spot requires an intimate understanding and close collaboration. Only then will our capabilities converge to deliver the service your customers deserve.

Welcome to interaction*

We deliver custom-made BPO and contact centre outsourced solutions. We manage complex customer and client interactions* in highly regulated and multilingual sales, service, support and claims operations. Our sweet spot capability is results-driven performance that delivers a direct return on investment.


what we do ...we prepare to listen.

Interaction contact centre

As a contact centre outsourcing business, we provide tailored solutions for sales, lead generation, customer service, claims management and back office administration. We cover the whole outsourcing spectrum, from simple operations to business processes and business management. There is very little we can’t do.


why choose us

why choose us

Many years in the industry has also given us the confidence and reassurance we need to encounter any situation.

We are commercially sound with lots of strategic business acumen. We are also highly motivated and results focused. Our first love is in the multilingual space, particularly financial services and technology. Our core competencies are in regulated, complex industries such as banking and pharmaceuticals, where compliance is paramount.

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